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  • Tools to uncover unwanted and wanted behaviors
  • Individual vs. group rewards: what’s most effective and when
  • Why some incentive programs fail
  • Ways to help employees "own" their risk and behaviors
  • Unique challenges faced in a manufacturing setting


  • Chad Tisonik, HNI Wisconsin President, CSP, CHCM


  • Leaders of manufacturing firms
  • HR professionals who work with manufacturing employees


The key factor in successfully meeting any company goal lies in each of your employee's individual behavior. Whether you’re trying to maximize productivity, improve quality, lower health care costs, or manage work comp spend, you must develop a system that addresses each of your employees individually and inspires them to change their mode of operation.

At this HNI University webinar, we will discuss techniques for managing performance and changing behaviors in a manufacturing setting. We’ll start with how to identify what behaviors need to change and how to structure incentives, and we'll share examples of programs that have worked or fallen short — and why.

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