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  • Subrogation basics
  • The process of recovering claim costs from a 3rd party
  • Contract language that impacts your rights
  • FAQs about subrogation



Mary Beth Jackson, Vice President of Claims at Great West


Subrogation is one of the most critical functions an insurance company undertakes to control claims costs -– and often one of the least understood.

Subrogation refers to the process of seeking reimbursement from a third party after it has paid your claim. The insurance company essentially “steps into the shoes” of the insured to defend your rights and recover any losses from the responsible party.  In some cases, contracts signed by your business may include “waiver of subrogation” clauses that waive the right to pursue damages against the other if the loss is covered by insurance.

At this webinar, we reviewed the subrogation process and how it impacts your organization.


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