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August 23 2023 - New Berlin, WI     
Tech in Truck: Getting Driver Buy-In and Increasing Profitability

This session will teach you how to harness IoT data to improve safety, efficiency, and sustainability of your operations. 







What is this event?
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This event will provide a thorough look into how incorporating technology into your trucking operations can set your company up for greater success. For this presentation, HNI has partnered with Samsara, a company that specializes in digitizing operations. 


Who is this event for?

This session is Safety Managers, Risk Managers and other Safety Professionals in the trucking industry. 




Led by Aidan Reed, Product Specialist at Samsara, along with Kyle Meinert and Jake Jansen, Risk Advisors at HNI Risk Services, below is what this event will cover.

This event will teach you how to upgrade your truck operation by harnessing IoT data to improve safety, efficiency and the overall sustainability of your organization.

Learn from Aidan Reed of Samsara who has spent the past 4 years helping fleets digitize their operations.

Key takeaways include:

  • Transportation Insurance market update
  • Making safety a competitive advantage
  • How to earn driver buy-in for in-cab cameras
  • How to lower fuel costs, boost efficiency and track your equipment




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Aidan Reed

Product Specialist at Samsara

AIDAN REED is an experienced Product Specialist at Samsara who has worked in the AI driven Fleet Management space for over four years. He has a comprehensive understanding of various industry's fleet specific needs and priorities. 


Jake Jansen

Risk Advisor at HNI Risk Services

JAKE JANSEN was a former safety manager and HR director for a large and quickly growing transportation company. 
Jake's operational expertise allows him to show how to address and integrate changes.​ Jake's first-hand experience in connecting with front line employees has granted him the ability to predict and address obstacles in implementing changes​. 
Kyle Meinert

Director of Advisory Services at HNI Risk Services

KYLE MEINERT joined HNI in 2014 after working at the State of Wisconsin Risk Management Bureau. 
Kyle is a member of the Wisconsin Safety Council, National Fire Protection Association, and is a Board Certified Safety Professional. 

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