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June 28, 2023 - New Berlin, WI     
Understanding CSA Scores & Roadside Inspections

This session provides an understanding of the FMCSA Compliance Safety and Accountability (CSA) program, how to utilize the data, and an overview of the roadside inspection process.







What is this event?
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FMCSA’s Compliance Safety and Accountability Program (CSA) is a driving force of compliance monitoring and the triggering of FMCSA audits. This session focuses on the understanding of the CSA program and how a carrier can use that same data to control unfavorable safety ratings and better manage their safety programs.

Additionally, roadside safety inspections affect a motor carriers operations resulting in inspections and delays that can be costly. Results of these roadside inspections directly add data into the CSA Program. This session will cover the roadside inspection process and related inspection bulletins.


Who is this event for?

This session is for motor carrier officials responsible for overall safety and compliance; and motor carrier maintenance supervisors, mechanics, and individuals responsible for overall compliance and data quality review submissions. 




Led by Mark Abrahamson and Jeff Swan, Risk Advisors at HNI Risk Services, below is what this event will cover.

Understanding CSA Scores:

• Explain how CSA scores are used by FMCSA to assign investigations or interventions.

• Identify the processes to which the BASIC methodology is accomplished, and carrier awareness if it’s “inputs”.

• Stress the importance that the data within the program must be a true and accurate representation of a carrier’s safety program. Any errors must be managed via a data quality review.

• Explain how a carrier can implement a “Stay in the Green” Program to increase driver/carrier awareness and gain greater safety “buy in”.


Roadside Inspections:

• Identify the critical inspection items of a DOT Roadside Safety Inspection.

• Discuss and review relevant CVSA Inspection Bulletins and Guidance used by roadside officers during inspections.

• Explain how using the data can be part of a more proactive maintenance program and a gauge on current maintenance procedures.

• Identify processes to dispute maintenance violations.



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Mark Abrahamson

Risk Advisor at HNI Risk Services

MARK ABRAHAMSON retired from the Wisconsin State Patrol in 2017. His extensive DOT experience has taught him an important lesson: drivers often don’t realize the impact that their behavior has on the company they work for. 
Areas of Expertise:
  • FMCSA – Passenger Technical Advisory Committee
  • Motor Carrier Enforcement Investigation Unit Supervisor
  • State Patrol Northeast Region Inspector Sergeant
  • State Patrol Inspector
  • Certified Passenger Vehicle Instructor for FMCSA Training Center
  • Grand Champion – International Inspector Championship


Jeff Swan

Risk Advisor at HNI Risk Services

JEFF SWAN retired from the Wisconsin State Patrol in 2014. Jeff spent 34 years working as an inspector, and now he spends his time helping bridge the gap between the driver, the trucking company, and the law. 
Areas of Expertise:
  • Inspector, Trooper, and Sergeant for 34 years
  • Motor Carrier Investigation Unit – Audits, Compliance Reviews, FMCSA Roadside Inspections
  • WSP Background Investigator and Division Instructor
  • Certifications held in MCSAP, HM (bulk and non-bulk), Cargo Tank and Passenger Inspections, and Compliance Reviews and Safety Audits

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