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  • Detailed FMCSA (DOT) regulations that apply to non-trucking entities
  • Interstate and intrastate regulations
  • Regulations, processes, procedures and forms that are required to ensure you are in compliance
  • Attendees will receive full-size FMCSA 49cfr Regulations Handbooks


  • Jeff Swan, HNI Transportation Compliance Specialist
  • Don Jerrell, HNI Vice President


  • Safety Directors, HR Directors, Owners, anyone responsible for compliance
  • Any company with vehicles that meet any of these criteria: 10,001 lbs or greater, drivers crossing state lines in vehicles 10,001 lbs or greater, drivers within Wisconsin operating vehicles 26,001 lbs or greater.


Do you need a DOT compliance refresher or have new staff that requires training? This HNI-U seminar will cover basic DOT compliance for non-trucking entities.

Presenters Jeff Swan and Don Jerrell will provide insight from both the inspector's point of view as well as hands-on experience implementing programs and procedures that ensure compliance.

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