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In the transportation industry, we have an abundance of resources to gather analytics on our fleet. Our systems (Qualcomm, PeopleNet, and the like) capture speed, idle time, fuel efficiency, claims and losses, citations, and other metrics critical to organizational performance.

But all the analytics in the world fall short if they don’t fill our most critical need: helping to CHANGE BEHAVIORS.

At this webinar, we shared ideas to break through “information overload” using the Transportation DART System.  The end result is that we're able to get drivers and their managers focused on the most important metrics that affect driver profitability.

What could a 3% change in fuel consumption do to your bottom line? What if you could predict high risk driver profiles — before a catastrophic accident took place? What if your driver managers were equipped with a list of the best and worst drivers in the fleet to guide their coaching? This webinar explored these questions and more!


  • Critical metrics to monitor on your fleet with a "driver dashboard"
  • Empowering driver managers to be more effective coaches and focus on the right behaviors
  • Best practices for performance management and how this fits with recruiting drivers
  • ROI of a data-driven performance management approach
  • Technology options to simplify your process

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