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Share the Love: Tell Us Why You Love Trucking (and Win a Prize!)

we heart trucking

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Truck Driver Appreciation and Wellness Week is right around the corner. We love this this annual celebration, because it gives us here at HNI a chance to salute the hard-working folks in trucking we get to work with day in and day out. This year, we want everyone to share the trucking love — so tell us how you'd answer this question for a chance to win an iPad Mini:

"What do you love about trucking?"

What You Need to Know About the Contest

To enter, share your answer on HNI's Facebook page, Twitter, LinkedIn, or by emailing info@hni.com. The format of your entry doesn't matter — a written explanation, a drawing, a photo, a video clip, a story, whatever works best — just let us know what you appreciate and enjoy most in the industry.

Some ideas to get you started:

  • Share a story about how you got into the industry
  • Post a photo of yourself with your favorite driver (or drivers, because really, how can you pick just one?)
  • Snap a driver selfie that captures what makes your life on the road super sweet
  • Make a short video about why trucking is so special 
  • Tweet us your favorite part of the truck-driving life

However you share, tag your entry with #HNILovesDrivers. Feel free to submit multiple entries (because there's lots to love) and encourage your friends and colleagues to do the same.  

Anyone that works in or with the transportation industry is eligible to participate, including drivers, employees, managers, families of drivers, and industry allies. The winning post will be judged by creativity, humor, appropriateness (let's keep it family friendly), level of passion for the industry, and quality of photo.

The contest starts September 2 (that's the day after Labor Day) and wraps up September 20, the final day of Truck Driver Appreciation and Wellness Week.

Throughout the week, we'll be sharing your entries on HNI's LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook pages, so please check back often and follow us if you don't already. Click here for our Facebook page. Click here for our Twitter feed. Click here for our LinkedIn page.

Eyes on the Prize: Win a iPad Mini

A winner, the lucky recipient of an iPad Mini, will be announced on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and our website between September 22-26.  The winner will have 10 days to circle back with us. If we can't track them down, the runner-up will be contacted and awarded the prize.

What questions do you have about our contest? What are your plans for Driver Appreciation Week?  Please sound off in comments!

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