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Emerging Issues in HR Due to New Technology in the Workplace [VIDEO]

Technology is rapidly changing the way we live and work.  Along with this shift comes many new emerging issues in HR, in part because the Fair Labor Standards Act and other major employment laws haven’t kept up with the pace of change. 

HR professionals are struggling with questions like:

  • Can the company give mobile devices to hourly employees?  
  • Is it a good idea to check someone’s Facebook during the hiring process?  
  • Can you fire someone for talking negatively about the company or their boss on Twitter? 
To capture an HR professional's perspective on some of these changes, we interviewed Theresa Dew, the HR Manager at HNI.  Click the video below to hear some of the issues she's come across in the course of her work.

To get into this topic in more detail, we're holding a webinar on July 18th called Emerging Issues in HR: Technology Traps With a Plugged In Workforce.  At this webinar, we’ll review the growing grey area for HR professionals (and case law around these topics) and recommend best practices for employers to steer clear of the common pitfalls. 

At our upcoming webinar, we'll get into a variety of emerging issues in HR related to techonolgy in the workplace, including:

    • Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) In the Perpetual Workplace
    • Rules of Thumb for Afterhours Access to Company Technology
    • Social Media: What’s free speech and what’s not?
    • Risks of Using Social Media in the Hiring Process
    • Policies You Should Have in Place to Protect Your Company
    • Other Emerging Issues in HR Related to Technology

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