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Goodwill Recognized for Innovative Benefits Strategy

We’re proud to congratulate Goodwill of North Central Wisconsin for being recognized with the “Most Innovative Health & Benefits Plan” award by the Institute for HealthCare Consumerism!  This is a huge (and well deserved) honor.  Other companies recognized by the Institute (in other award categories) include large companies like Whole Foods, GE, Boeing and Chick-Fil-A. 

On this occasion, we thought it fitting to share a little about Goodwill of North Central Wisconsin’s health care programs.  While every employee population is unique, there is a lot to be learned from Goodwill’s success!

Like most organizations, Goodwill was challenged to manage the careful balance between employee  rewards and the bottom line.  By carefully and creatively designing an innovative benefits plan that fit their population’s unique needs, Goodwill has been able to provide resources to team members that allow them to obtain the greatest possible benefit for themselves and their loved ones.  At the same time, costs have been stabilized,  which allows them to allocate greater funding to the North Central Wisconsin communities that they serve.

Key Features of Goodwill's Innovative Benefits Package

Goodwill's benefits package adds value in some tremendously creative and care-filled ways.  Branded as “Good Care,” the underlying philosophy behind Goodwill’s innovative benefits package is a holistic view of wellness.  The plan is designed to provide for the emotional, physical, financial, and personal safety needs of each and every team member.  They offer a wide range of resources for their team  members.  Their “Good Care” strategy reflects their commitment to making their employees healthier and happier.  Some of the specific programs they have implemented for their team of nearly 1,500 individuals and their families are:

1.)     Goodwill Nurse available to work with every location to support individual health and wellness coaching

2.)     Personal safety education and engagement campaign

3.)     Full time Chaplain to provide emotional and spiritual support to the staff and their families

4.)     Financial Coach focused exclusively on helping team members achieve financial stability and to develop a path to pursue their financial dreams

Goodwill provides a self-funded health plan with two deductible choices for its team members.  There are co-pays for office visits, prescriptions (including mail order options) and ER/Urgent Care.   Leaving these co-pays intact was essential in order to ensure that all employees had access to meaningful primary care, even under a higher deductible plan.

Innovative Benefits Approach: A Uniquely  Structured Account

In conjunction with these health plans, Goodwill adopted a uniquely structured health account  (called GetMOR) that provides tax-free dollars for team members to use for all sorts of health-related expenses.  Resources are available for sickness or for health, including items such as nutritional supplements, walking shoes or travel expenses to and from a medical provider.  Team members are encouraged to contribute some of their own funds for predictable expenses, so that the Goodwill GetMOR dollars can be available for unanticipated needs.  All funds are accessed with a GetMor MasterCard, allowing employees to use their funds quickly and easily to cover health care expenses. 

Under the model, Goodwill GetMOR dollars can accumulate to provide a long-term safety net for team members.   Goodwill is now entering into its third year on the GetMOR plan, and most team members have built significant health reserves and effectively manage anticipated costs with their FSAs.  In addition, the access to Nurses, Chaplains, and Financial Coaches has improved the overall well being of team members. 

Thanks to the hard work, creative thinking and great leadership that collaboratively built the “Good Care” initiative, the team at Goodwill of North Central Wisconsin is receiving more from their benefits program!  Their team is definitely deserving of a “Most Innovative Health & Benefits Plan” award! 

 For more information on innovative benefits strategies, listen to the recording of our HNI U workshop covering 10 new ways to lower benefits costs.

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