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 Executive Leadership Retreat 
 June 7th and 8th 
 Harley Davidson Museum (Milwaukee, Wisconsin) 



The DE-RISKATHON is a 24-hour in-person event where high-performing companies and leaders learn from the best teachers in the world.


 Build higher performing teams 
Former Navy SEAL and best-selling author Rich Diviney teaches how to build higher performing teams.
Optimal performance isn't about skill. 
It's about your Attributes. 
Although most aspects of our work lives revolve around identify and leveraging peoples' skillsets, true high-level performance comes from recognizing and leveraging peoples' attributes.
Through years of observation, Diviney learned to identify a successful Navy SEAL's core Attributes - the innate traits for how a person performs as an individual and as part of a team. 
Understanding your own attributes and those of the people around you can fast-track optimal performance in all areas of your life.

 The Attributes 

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Rich Diviney draws upon 20+ years of experience as a Navy SEAL Officer.  Since retirement in early 2017, Rich has worked as a speaker and consultant with the Chapman & Co. Leadership Institute and Simon Sinek Inc.  Rich is also the author of the best-selling book: The Attributes.


“So much of what I know about trust I learned from Rich”

Simon Sinek, NYTimes Bestselling Author


 Build resiliency in work and life 
Ryan is the youngest person to fly solo around the world, as well as a survivor of a paraplegic plane crash.



Ryan Campbell, youngest person to fly solo around the world and author of Born To Fly


65% of US employees view their job as the number one stressor in their lives - yet only 19% of US workers possess the resilience to transform that turbulence into growth and success.

Born To Fly

Successful organizations are fueled by resilient teams, confident in their ability to not only bounce back but thrive from a significant challenge.

Ryan will share his journey of being the youngest person to fly solo around the world and surviving a paraplegic plane crash just a few years later.


 Find purpose and compassion at work 

Regardless of your role, what are people, customers and business partners looking for in you? What is the workplace culture you have created with your team that leads to success? Creating a mission driven culture with compassion and trust turns satisfied customers into loyal customers. In addition, if the work we do is tied into a purpose beyond profits our job satisfaction increases substantially and employee turnover is reduced.

John McHugh will explore the role you play in your organization’s success and how you can find the key people to help you achieve that greatness. His examples and stories are ones that you won’t forget.

Kwik Trip



John McHugh, Director of Corporate Communications, Leadership Development, and Training at Kwik Trip

 Become a health care high-performer 


Why are some companies able to become health care high-performers and others companies are stuck as average performers?
Jeff will share how some companies have been able to take control of the cost drivers in their health care program. This workshop-style discussion will walk through how to create a multi-year strategy that improves upon all 6 components of a successful health care program. 


Jeff Schultz-1

Jeff Schultz, Employee Benefits Practice Leader at HNI

 Tackle employee health and wellbeing 


To be a Top Performer when it comes to employee benefits, employers need to address the underlying health and wellbeing of their employee population.

Michael has partnered with more than 500 companies over his career to improve quality of care and build programs that help employees access better and more effective care. Michael will share how some of these programs have had a positive influence on the company's culture of health and employee engagement. 


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Michael Naparalla

Michael Naparalla, Chief Health Officer at HNI and Maverick Health

 Lead your company through change 


Tina Semotan, President of HNI

Leading a company through a period of change or evolution is challenging. As a leader, it can even cause you to question if it's worth it.

Tina will share how the struggle and frustration is a necessary part of the growing process, and why you need to embrace the struggle in order to transform into a better organization.


 Build your company's cyber defenses 


Adam Abresch

Adam Abresch, National Cyber Risk Practice Leader

The threat of cyber attacks and breaches has never been greater. Companies small and large are becoming targets of international cyber scams and breaches.
Adam will share how to identify areas of risk for your organization, how breaches occur, and how you can mitigate your risk.
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 Milwaukee Boat Tours 

Ride through Milwaukee's historic Third Ward neighborhood and out on to Lake Michigan for the best view of the city and skyline while sipping on a happy hour beverage.

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Harley Davidson Museum, Milwaukee, WI (Directions)
June 7th
1:30pm-4:30pm   Leadership Keynotes

4:30pm-7:30pm   Boat Cruise, Networking, Dinner, and Music

June 8th
8:30am-11:30am   Culture and Health Care Strategy



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