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What is Value-Driven® Driving?
Value-Driven® Driving is an educational philosophy to stop the 3 types of Critical Crashes: rear-ends, lane changes, and run-unders. Value-Driven® Driving appeals to drivers’ values and priorities. In doing so, drivers will use their values and priorities to guide their protective driving technique as a professional truck driver. 
Why should you attend this workshop?
Critical Crashes have a huge impact on both human life and company financials. As a leader of your company, demonstrating your unwaivering support will serve as an example to all employees. It is recommended that safety directors and risk managers attend alongside ownership or the c-suite.
Who will be presenting?
  • Dave McLaughlin, Risk Management, Great West Casualty 
  • Chad Tisonik, Wisconsin President, HNI
What topics will be covered?
  • Value-Driven® Driving
  • The cultural impact of safety 
  • 5 reasons leaders need to care about safety
  • What owners and executives should be focused on


New Berlin, Wisconsin
Morning Session:
Afternoon Session:
Green Bay, Wisconsin
Eau Claire, Wisconsin
Grand Rapids, Michigan

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