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  • Chris Tanke, Associate Vice President at HNI
  • Andrea Tarrell, Director of Marketing at HNI 


For the first time in history, there are four generations of employees working side by side, and each group brings a unique and valuable perspective. However, managing this mix of people to meet their maximum potential can be a challenge. 

Generational differences impact many “soft costs” in your workplace, including culture, employee morale, turnover, hiring, motivation, team dynamics, and overall productivity. The trucking company of the future must adjust to address these changing dynamics. 

In this recorded webinar, we explore how the values of these four generations affect the work they do and how workplaces will need to change to meet the needs of up and coming generations. 


  • Differences in driving norms and habits with each generation 
  • How the trucking company of the future will approach recruiting
  • Speaking the language of the new generations 
  • Creating an employer brand that is a talent magnet 



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