Private and Public Exchanges — A Whole New Marketplace for Healthcare

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Among all of the changes mandated by health care reform, insurance exchanges have sparked considerable interest. The public exchanges are set to be running by 2014, and private exchanges have already emerged as another option for employers to consider for offering coverage to employees.

Both the public and private exchanges are intended to provide employees with a wide range of choices through an online health insurance marketplace. The public exchanges will be available only to individuals and employers with less than 100 employees. Private exchanges will have a broader market appeal because they are built around the “defined contribution” concept that allows employers to fix their rate of increase to a budgetable amount each year.

Attend this workshop for a better understanding of exchanges - public and private - and how these options might affect your benefits strategy in 2014 and beyond.


  • How the state-run and federal exchanges are expected to operate
  • Defined contribution strategy & private exchange basics
  • Things to consider when evaluating whether an exchange is a fit for your company
  • Case Study: how HNI has used a private exchange for our own employees