FMCSA Safety Audit Requirements and How to Prepare

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This HNI University event has passed, but we summarized what we learned in this blog post: 

FMCSA Refocusing Their Attention With New Safety Audit Procedures

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  • John Seidl, FMCSA
  • Jeff Swan, Wisconsin State Patrol 


  • Safety Professionals 
  • Compliance Professionals 


Would you be prepared if the FMCSA came in to do a safety audit at your facility today?

With a new auditing process recently put into place, compliance reviews aren’t the same as they used to be.  Now, when FMCSA comes out, they’ll be conducting a Focused Review to address only the problems they’ve been notified of through CSA or a compliant.  These inspections can be more detailed and will follow different process and procedures.

Things are changing quickly at FMCSA, and this is your chance to get up to speed!  Get training directly from the people who will actually be coming to your company to perform the compliance reviews.  Learn what exactly they will be looking for in a focused review and what areas you should prepare. 

You don’t want to wait until you get notice of an FMCSA safety audit to be scrambling to learn the new procedures!


  • How the FMCSA safety audit process works
  • What records you need to have in place to demonstrate compliance
  • What to prepare when you get notice of a FMCSA safety audit
  • Updates on new regulations and changes that are in the pipeline