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4 Keys to Maximizing Driver Performance: The Transportation DART

Business Analytics Specialist at HNI

Drivers are the heart of the trucking industry – so finding ways to attract them, keep them, and coach them into top performers is essential. 

Topics: Transportation

Who Has Your Blind Side When it Comes to Business Risk?

Relationship Manager

If you’re a football fan, you know that the role of the left tackle is to protect the QB from the pass rushers coming in from his blind side.  Typically the defense positions their most dangerous pass rushers on the blind side of the Quarterback to maximize the potential for an impact play (sack, fumble, or interception).  Thus, while the left tackle most likely will never pass, run, or throw the ball, he is one of the most important offensive players on the field. 

Topics: Construction Transportation Manufacturing

SHHHHH!!! The silent cost of untreated sleep apnea

Transportation Practice Leader

Topics: Construction Transportation Manufacturing

Let Your Customer Be Your Guide: 4 Steps to Better Quality Management

Quality Supervisor, HNI

We need to think about quality management as a journey.  By following these 4 guidelines, you can begin implementing an effective quality management process.

Topics: Construction Transportation Manufacturing

5 Reasons Why Truck Drivers Rock

HNI Account Executive

Truck Driver Appreciation & Wellness Week is coming to close, but it's always time to celebrate what makes truck drivers great.

Topics: Transportation

Could BMI Be the Best New Risk Identification Metric for Truck Drivers?

Relationship Manager at HNI 

In the world of risk management, we are always looking for those metrics that serve as leading indicators for predicting and preventing that next loss from happening. 

Topics: Transportation

The Risks for Trucking Companies Hiring Inexperienced Drivers

So you want to hire a driver with less than two years CDL experience.  Quite often, companies are motivated to put a driver in a seat to get the truck moving. 

Topics: Transportation

Would your driver qualification files stand up to an FMCSA audit?

Within the last couple of years, there have been some changes with regards to what needs to be included in your driver qualification files.  Many people struggle with determining what truly needs to be in the files and what does not.  They also get different opinions from different individuals (HR professionals, insurance reps, auditors, etc.)

Topics: Transportation Safety / Compliance

The Top 10 Ingredients of a High Performing Driver Scorecard

Director of Marketing at HNI

Data and analytics have the potential to radically change the game in transportation. One of the most effective applications is through a driver scorecard or visual dashboard, as we discussed at our webinar last week on "Big Data" Meets Performance Management for Drivers

What makes a successful driver scorecard?  Here's a quick and dirty list covering the 10 things that your driver scorecard MUST have to be successful.

Topics: Transportation

Engaging All Stakeholders in Strategies for Organizational Change

Director of Insurance Services at HNI

Whether you're looking at the insurance, benefits, or business advisory side of our business, a lot of what we do is change management.  This is true across all of the industries we serve.  

To address the biggest problems facing business owners [that are often some of the biggest drivers of their insurance costs], someone in the company always has to start acting differently.

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