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FDA Releases Final Rule on Sanitary Transportation of Human and Animal Food

The FDA Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) rule on Sanitary Transportation of Human and Animal Food has been finalized. This ruling differs from the agency’s initial proposal in several key ways, but maintains its goal of preventing practices that create food safety risk. Compliance within one year will prove difficult for the transportation sector, but certain actions can be taken to prepare for this significant industry change.

Topics: Transportation Safety / Compliance

4 Ways to Prevent Cargo Theft

Companies can take a number of actions to improve their chances of preventing cargo theft. Using high-tech devices to locate stolen vehicles or simple, low-tech padlocks on trailer doors can deter theft.  Here are four ideas to help your company deal with this growing problem.

Topics: Transportation

Data Intelligence: Forging a Path for the Future


Remaining competitive in the midst of the rise of big data and data analytics is not easy. In today’s world of pervasive technology, companies are being forced to change how they operate so they can keep up. With multiple systems gathering information, it can seem like you have numbers and statistics everywhere you look. Think about how to use that explosion of information as a source of insight and to your benefit. For transportation companies there are three main areas which data intelligence can be of significant importance: fleet management, recruiting and retention, and fraud prevention and detection. Let's explore these areas further.


Topics: Transportation Leadership / Strategy

Driverless Trucks Part 2: Who's Rewarded?

Innovation and technology invite many positive changes and benefits into any industry - and transportation is no exception. "Driverless" trucks are creating quite a stir when it comes to safety, liability, and efficiency, but the conversation doesn't stop there. Industry professionals want to know what benefits will be brought to the table in each of these categories. So, I'll share a few of my insights.

Topics: Transportation Leadership / Strategy

Driverless Trucks Part 1: Who's at Risk?

The future is upon us with the adoption of "driverless trucks" into the world of transportation.  As with any innovation, there are always pluses and minuses, but first, we must assess what risks will soon flood our technology driven industry. Let's discuss what this major change means for you.


Topics: Transportation Leadership / Strategy

Get Ready for New Food Safety Act Regulations

The Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) was signed into law on January 4, 2011 to better protect the safety and security of America's food supply. Not all of the Act's provisions took effect immediately. The proposed rule for the Sanitary Transportation of Human and Animal Food (STHAF) is expected to be finalized in March, 2016. 

Topics: Transportation

ELD Mandate Part 2: The WHEN and the WHY

 As transportation stakeholders prepare for the FMCSA's new Electronic Logging Device (ELD) mandate, our goal is to help guide you in your efforts. 

Topics: Transportation

ELD Mandate Part 1: The WHO and the WHAT

Most of the affected transportation stakeholders have by now at least heard of the FMCSA's new Electronic Logging Device (ELD) mandate. Some of you probably are way ahead of the curve in preparation for ELDs, while others might still wonder if it even applies to your business. Our two-part blog series—followed by a two-day workshop in March—will address the basics and alleviate the concerns of anyone who is confused by the regulation.

Topics: Transportation

Safety Fitness Methodology Set to Change

Today, January 21, 2016, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) will publish in the Federal Register a NPRM to establish the new methods they will use to determine when a motor carrier is "unfit." This proposal will radically change the way the FMCSA assigns safety ratings for all interstate carriers. 

Topics: Transportation

Congress Steps Up for the Trucking Industry


Congress has stepped up to help the trucking industry, yet again. Multiple transportation-related issues were addressed via the FAST Act, and now important action regarding the 34-hour restart rule has been taken as part of the $1.1 trillion omnibus spending bill. 

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