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Wisconsin Declares Using Handheld Devices in Construction Zones Illegal

64% of all road accidents in the United States have a cell phone involved. In an effort to reduce distracted driving and enhance highway safety, Wisconsin is taking a stand on cellphone use while driving.

Starting Oct. 1, 2016, it will be illegal to talk on a handheld mobile device while driving in a Wisconsin road work zone.

New URS Regulations Ahead

On December 12, 2015 the Unified Registration System (URS) began its implementation process of retiring old systems and unifying the regulatory structure for the industry. The goal of this new system is to replace all of the FMCSA's current registration databases with one unified registration process that also acts as a main source of data. This system will be fully phased in by the April 14th, 2017 deadline and requires full compliance by all before then. 

Topics: Transportation Safety / Compliance

The Undeniable Need for Effective Mentors

Retaining top talent is one of HR's top wicked problems.

Roughly 55% of millennials are disengaged in their work, and this is causing them to move from job to job at a much faster rate than previous generations. In other words, you're losing your talent before you've unlocked their true value.

But what actions have you taken to combat this? Perhaps mentoring may be the hidden key to employee retention.

Topics: Leadership / Strategy

Infographic: 9 Impressive Facts About Trucking

If there is any industry that Americans take for granted, it's undoubtedly trucking. There are roughly 3.5 million truck drivers collectively moving nearly 70% of all freight tonnage in the U.S. Without this essential industry, we would experience a food shortage within 72 hours, gas station fuel would diminish within 48 hours, manufacturing would shut down within hours, and ATMs would run dry almost immediately. The trucking industry is an integral part of our economy, without it America would stop. 

Topics: Transportation

10 Fun Ways to Celebrate National Truck Driver Appreciation Week

Truck drivers are amongst the hardest working people committing their lives to tackling one of the toughest jobs in America. So, with Driver Appreciation Week fast approaching, you may be looking for ways to honor your valued road warriors. In reality, there aren't enough ways to thank your drivers for all they do, but here is a list of 10 ways to celebrate this important week. 

Topics: Transportation

Infographic: Employee Benefits, Meet Communication.

Employee Benefits enjoys saving money, nerding out on medical plan comparisons, and staying abreast of all the latest trends in wellness - particularly walking a minimum of 30 minutes a day in shoes with good arch support.

Communication revels in building relationships, never tires of emailing, texting, or speaking on the phone or in person, and appreciates minimalistic art.

When the two of these unique personalities meet? Well, it's nothing short of fireworks.

ELD Integration Requirements and Considerations

With the upcoming Electronic Logging Device Mandate just over a year away with a deadline of December 16, 2017, many companies have questions about what this means for their fleet, and what is the best way to remain compliant. Preparation in this area will prove beneficial with this major change, especially when it comes to choosing an ELD vendor. 

Topics: Transportation Leadership / Strategy

From the Intern's Desk: A Summer Spent With HNI

I'll fill you in on a little secret - this is actually my second summer spent with HNI, so I know the ins and outs of all things HNI related (one might even say I'm an expert!) So, when asked to share my thoughts following another fantastic summer spent here, I jumped at the opportunity. Buckle up because I'm going to take you on a ride through what it's like to be an Accounting Intern for HNI Risk Services - please keep all hands and feet inside the vehicle.

Through the Looking-Glass and What the Intern Found There

When first embarking on my hunt for a summer internship, I began by seeing if there was any in the area. Eventually, I set my sights on a few and decided to toss my hat in the ring. From the beginning, HNI stood out as my top choice due to online reviews, quirky job postings, and the numerous awards earned. From those few hints I was able to gather that this was a place I would enjoy spending my summer.

My initial thoughts were further emphasized during the interview. Even the furniture told me that this company was going somewhere and that I should quickly hop on for the ride. It wasn’t just white walls with the occasional fake plants and cubicles. It was about change, growth, and a little adventure.

How to go From Intern to CEO in a Summer

I never thought I would work at HNI. And not because I didn’t have the dexterity, but because I’d never even heard of them. So how did I go from lowly intern to mighty CEO in a summer? Well - I didn't, but the knowledge and experience I gained has set me on the fast track to world domination, or at least a great job upon graduation. So my fellow interns - listen up, because I'm about to share the good, the bad, and the ugly of my summer internship.